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"SMART Tunnel Certified" Coach & Fitter Program




The Speed Merchant Aero Research & Testing (SMART) Low Speed Wind Tunnel (LSWT) Test Facility is proud to announce the formation of a formal "SMART Tunnel Certified" Coach & Fitter Program at our shop. The reason we created this program is to ensure the Maximum Benefit to our Wind Tunel Test Clients in their goal to get the most out of their time testing in the tunnel and to enhance their goal of Continuous Improvement. 

We always encouraged Teammates, Friends, Spouses, Coaches, Bike Fitters, etc to accompany their Associates when testing in the SMART LSWT. But we realized after a while that the natural curiousity of a new process with a lot of questions asked by the Test Subject's associate was really slowing down the process and using up valuable time in the tunnel from both our Facility and the Client. So much so that we ended up adding a nominal fee to the person's cost if they were bringing in a person to actively participate in their tunnel test instead of strictly enforcing time/cost limits.



So we created the "SMART Tunnel Certified" Coach & Fitter Program to thoroughly educate our Coaches and Bike Fitters taking their customers into our facility to ensure that the the Wind Tunnel Test Subject gets the Maximum Benefit of their valuable time and money invested in the process. 

After a 2-hour Classroom Session learning all about Aerodynamics and how it applies to Cycling Performance, we also educate the Coach/Fitter about the SMART LSWT Facility itself, how we operate the Tunnel during Test Sessions, and how they can work Proactively with us to Best Prepare their Coaching or Fitting Clients when they come in as SMART Wind Tunnel Clients. 

Besides the great satisfaction of knowing you made the very best positive impact with your and our clients, there are many other benefits to you personally as the Coach or Fitter to get SMART-Certified. These include Referral Fees, SMART Credits, Greatly Reduced Rates for your Clients, Special Group Test Packages and Pricing, and the ability to Market your Services as a Bike Fitter or Coach as both State-of-the-Art and On the Cutting Edge of Proven Techniques to Imrpove the Performance of your Clients compared to other Coaches/Fitters that can't offer that service.  

If You are interested in finding about more information about this "SMART Tunnel Certified" Coach & Fitter Program, to include Details, Costs and Availability of the Training and Certification programs, Please contact us directly by either emailing us at or calling our Program Director at 978.604.2061. 




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