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BOOKING INFO and Deposit Payment for Test Session Reservations:



Contact or call 603.974.1256 to advance book time in the tunnel. Please note that all bookings are in increments of 1.0 hours. Our staff will be happy to help you with this process and once a deposit is received, they will work with you to set the exact date and time for your Test Session.


If you have any questions needed to be answered ahead of your reservation, please don't hesiate to contact us via email at or by calling the number above or at 978.604.2061. Further info can be found at our Contact Info page at


Advance bookings for test session reservations require a non-refundable down payment deposit of $150 for individuals (and $1000 for the entire 8 hr day rate) to be made via Paypal to or by Credit Card (no Paypal account necessary) via Secure Transaction (encrypted). The booking and deposit will need to be made no later than a month in advance of the planned test date before it can be scheduled. If this is an issue for some reason, please just call the numbers above and we'll do our best to make it work for you.

All non-refundable deposits will be held by SMART until the test session is conducted, and SMART will do all it can to possibly reschedule either earlier or later based on both the needs of the client and the availability of test sessions at the tunnel. The deposits will be held for any test session for six months after the initial date of the original booking and deposit so as to give the client plenty of time to reschedule. The deposit will only be forfeited if the client does not reschedule and hold the test session in that time frame.


Simply click on the "Buy Now" button below to make your reservation and deposit either by Credit Card or Paypal:


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